Realtek audio drivers and Waves Maxxaudio pro application

If you own a Dell computer and are using the Realtek High Definition Audio drivers, you most likely run into problems when updating the drivers to the newest version.

Mostly, the problem will show up as headphones are not detected anymore, when connected, or the ASIO driver is not available anymore, or the Waves Maxxpro audio application is missing.

In order to get everything up and running again, here is the procedure the helped on my Dell XPS 13:

Now, everything should work like before...
Hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Realtek audio drivers and Waves Maxxaudio pro application”

  1. The music programme I wish to buy requires compatability to ASIO or similar soundcard. Does the Waves Maxx Audio Pro on my Dell fit this requirement?
    1. Usually the Realtek drivers include an ASIO emulated driver component that makes it possible to use ASIO software - however this is not a "real" ASIO driver, rather a simulated one.

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