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DirectShow MPEG4 playback distorted; scrambled

When using DirectShow and Haali Media Splitter to playback MPEG4 or MKV videos encoded in H264, picture can be distorted or "scrambled".

mp4-scrambledIf your video looks like that, you need to adjust settings in the Haali Media Splitter.

haali_media_splitterUse the Media Splitter properties and select "Use custom media type for H.264" and value "Yes". This will properly tell the decoder filter  to decode H.264.

JackAudio over Network: Jack Client/Server Connection

JackAudio is a low latency audio connection software, that can transmit audio data via TCP/IP network connections. Setup is somewhat crucial for "first timers". I hope that this post can help over the standard pitfalls.

  1. Download and Install JackAudio
  2. Setup JACK Master
    • Launch Jack Control Application (as Administrator)
    • Configure Jack according to the following settings
    • Start Jack using the "Start"-Button in the Jack Control GUIJack-Setup-2
    • Run an elevated command prompt  (as Administrator), change to the Program Files/Jack directory and run the following command:
      jack_load netmanager
      You can optionally bind the netmanager to an IP-Address using:
      jack_load netmanager -i "-a [IP-Address]"
  3. Setup the JACK Slave on another computer
    • From the command line enter the following:
      jackd -R -d net -a
      Note that the IP-Address must match the IP from the step before.

Using ASIO-Software, Jack publishes a "JackRouter" virtual driver that can be used to stream audio data through the network channel. Within the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Jack\32bits" there is a file called "Jackrouter,ini" which lets you configure input and output channels of the virtual sound driver.