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When your VMWare keeps complaining that it cannot run on Windows 10 due to Hyper-V...

On Windows 10 I recently ran into the following error message that prevented me from running any of my VMs:

enter image description here

After removing the Hyper-V Role in Windows features, the problem still persisted. I turned out that it was due to
Windows Defender Credential Guard and virtualization-based security.

Microsoft Windows Defender Credential Guard is a security feature that isolates users' login information from the rest of the operating system to prevent theft.
Good exlaination here:

The solution was to go for the following:

DirectShow MPEG4 playback distorted; scrambled

When using DirectShow and Haali Media Splitter to playback MPEG4 or MKV videos encoded in H264, picture can be distorted or "scrambled".

mp4-scrambledIf your video looks like that, you need to adjust settings in the Haali Media Splitter.

haali_media_splitterUse the Media Splitter properties and select "Use custom media type for H.264" and value "Yes". This will properly tell the decoder filter  to decode H.264.

3D-Kinect controllable timetable (Untis3D)

Based on the electronic time-table solution (WebUntis) for schools from an Austrian company (, we implemented a 3D digital signage display of the time-table of our school, controllable via Kinect.untis3d_demo_1

The basis for data acquisition is a JSON-RPC-API from WebUntis, for which we developed a Java interface for use with the 3D display application.


Credits: Johannes Grünberger, Thomas Hasl, Theodor Seiser